Can’t Let It Go
Louisana Wind
How Long?
St Martins River

LECOMPT – Latest CD Available, Can’t Let it go. these songs reflect Lecompt is a different way. A more down to earth and suttle LeCmpt listen to the samples and see for your self definitly music you can relate to.

LECOMPT – The one that started it all! The debut CD with classics such as “All The Days Gone By”, “Here Comes Trouble”, “Gypsy Heart”, and many more! Item LCD010 – $15.00
All The Days Gone By
Here Comes Trouble
Gypsy Heart
Love is Leathal
Walking Away
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Gypsy Heart
Caution to the wind.
Just Like You
One Last Tear
Why don’t you leave
Love Is Leathal
Walking Away
How Many Friends?

Latest Live CD – Recorded at John’s on September 6, 2002 – Includes “Right Through You”, “Whiskey on my Breath”, “Moonage” and others.
Item LCD029 – $15.00
Right Through You
Whiskey On
My Breath

Hey Hey
Moon Age
How Ever Much
Heaven & Hell

The crowd favorite Christmas Song! ” Christmas (All Over The World)” and as heard on WMMR: “How Long” Item LCDS07 – $7.00

How Long?
Christmas All
Over The World